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Life After Racing > Standardbred Safety Net

Standardbred Safety Net

The USTA has a number of programs and resources to help our members and the horses in their lives.
Learn about resources to help Standardbreds on and off the racetrack.

Full Circle

A registry for horses important to you in case they need help in the future
Pleasure Registration

Ensure your intention that a horse never race or have progeny bred.
Support Our Standardbreds (SOS)

A program that provides assistance to horses whose care has fallen to a criminal level

Not all horses remain in the traditional commercial uses of racing or breeding for their entire lives and may need help to find a new career.

Re-home Your Horse

Information on seeking a secure, useful life for a horse that can no longer earn their keep
Placement Agencies

Consider adopting or buying a Standardbred for alternative uses
Off the Track Activities

If a horse can do it, a Standardbred can, too!

Learn More

If you acquire a Standardbred and want to learn more about its racing or breeding history, the USTA can help.

Pathway, the USTA's online database of racing and breeding information, has a free search to find basic information about your horse:

Free Horse Search

If you need more help identifying your Standardbred, you can call the USTA offices. Please have as much information available, including a freeze brand, microchip number or lip tattoo, color, sex, white markings, etc. Contact the USTA's Information & Research Department:(877) 800-8782 x4 or stats@ustrotting.com