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What is SOS?

SOS stands for Support Our Standardbreds. It is a USTA program that provides financial assistance to public agencies and 501c3 charitable groups caring for a registered Standardbred that has been abandoned, or is subject to removal due to legal intervention.

What do you mean by legal intervention?

The horse must have been seized because of abuse or neglect by a group with the legal authority to do so. This could be an animal control officer, sheriff, deputy, or humane officer with seizure powers.

The horse can also have been surrendered in lieu of prosecution; the custodian of the horse surrenders the horse to authorities to avoid imminent threat of seizure and criminal charges.

A horse that has been abandoned is also eligible for assistance. Abandonment is when a horse is roaming loose with no apparent owner or has been left in a public or private location with no prior arrangement or approval.

What if a horse is a Standardbred but not tattooed or freeze branded?

Standardbreds are permanently identified early in life, long before they race. Without either a freeze brand or tattoo, it is usually impossible to verify a horse's identity and breed. Therefore, SOS eligibility extends to only registered horses.

I know of a charitable group caring for a horse that was privately acquired in very poor condition. Are they eligible for SOS funds?

No. Only horses placed with a charitable or public agency as a direct result of legal intervention are eligible for assistance.

How much assistance does the USTA provide?

The amount of assistance is tailored to the needs of the horse and the needs of the group caring for them. There is no set amount.

Does the USTA take action against those who mistreated horses helped by the SOS program?

Those individuals are subject to arrest and prosecution by local law enforcement officials. The USTA does have membership sanctions that apply upon final adjudication of the case.

How do I get more information on SOS?

Contact T.C. Lane, the USTA's coordinator of Standardbred Support programs, at or 877-800-USTA (8782) ext. 3203.