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Road horses are shown three different ways: to the bike (very similar to the jog carts found at the track), to the wagon (which is a four-wheeled vehicle) and under saddle.

Today's competitors wear the colors of the 1940s harness racing drivers and show the horses at three distinct speeds (jog, road gait and trot at speed). Just like in racing, breaks (cantering) are penalized.

The USTA Roadster Classic, established in 1997, is held every August at the World's Championship Horse Show at the Kentucky State Fair in Louisville. This is a Saddlebred show, except for the 16 or so Roadster classes. Horses must be nominated through the ARHPA by June 1 to be eligible to compete.

The Standardbred Roadster 100, established in 2022, is held each November at the UPHA American Royal National Championship Horse Show in Kansas City. This is a Saddlebred, Hackney and Road Horse show where some of the best horses in the country compete for National Championship titles. Slots are purchased, similar to how the Mohawk Million/Next Generation race events; the class has a $100,000 purse.

The Roadster Off-Track Series, established in 2024, was created for horses that raced or were sold in a commercial yearling sale for racing purposes. Since many Roadster/Road Horse classes are open to other breeds of horses, this gives the opportunity for horses to compete against only other off-track Standardbreds. Nominations are due April 1 (supplemental nominations can be made by June 1). Information about the series and the nomination form can be found here. A FAQ informational sheet can be found here.

To be eligible to compete in the USTA Roadster Classic, the Standardbred Roadster 100, or the Roadster Off-Track Series horses must be registered Standardbreds with the USTA/SC. Other Roadster/Road Horse classes throughout the country are open to other breeds and crossbreds.

Click here for the United States Equestrian Federation page on Roadster horses.

For more information about showing Roadsters and Road Horse Classes:
American Road Horse & Pony Association
Rick Adams - Secretary
(678) 296-7442

Standardbred Roadster 100 Winners

Year Driver Registered Name (Show Name) YOF Owner
2023 Raymond Shively Revved N Ready 2015 Jacob Beiler
2022 Debbie Foley Happy Trails Sonny 2009 Charles White

USTA Roadster Classic Winners

Year Driver Registered Name (Show Name) YOF Owner
2023 Chris Gantley ChuckiesSweetDream (Getcha Sum) 2016 Chris Gantley
2022 Steve Crabtree Justahayfer 2015 Hillcroft Farm
2021 Michael Tunstall Fantasy With Lou (Revved N Ready) 2015 Kieran Holahan
2020 Mike Felty Neely Trainer (Outer Banks) 2013 Anthony Miller
2019 Jimmy Robertson Divide N Conquer 2013 Karen Raque
2018 Debbie Foley Hard Rock N Cookie (C U Later) 2011 Hagan Saddlebreds LLC
2017 James Nichols Lima Duke (Genesis) 2011 Joseph O'Brien
2016 Steve Crabtree Finnmaster 2011 Steve Crabtree
2015 Raymond Shively Moveman (Track Star) 2009 Raymond Shively
2014 Raymond Shively Stormont Wales (Warhorse) 2007 Raymond Shively
2013 Raymond Shively Notorious De Vie (Taking Care of Business) 2005 Raymond Shively
2012 Luman Wadhams Blaze of Sonshine 2004 Ann MacMurray-Cox
2011 Raymond Shively Fox Valley Iceberg (Ice Man) 2004 Raymond Shively
2010 Melinda Moore Just Like Ten (Belle Star) 2001 Melinda Moore
2009 Debbie Foley S Sparrow Express 2000 Jason Schrock
2008 Debbie Foley Trio Bolero G 1999 Thomas Caisse
2007 Raymond Shively Otis Seelster (Thunder Bolt) 2000 Raymond Shively
2006 Debbie Foley Wuddacomeover 1998 LuAnne Kilday
2005 Merrill Murray King Simcoe 1997 Tyler Thomas & Matilda Ewald
2004 J.D. Gardner Donven Lincoln(Big Red) 1999 Dougla Covert
2003 Danette Musselman Raintree Muddy (Muddy Waters) 1996 Danette Musselman
2002 Ruth Gimple G-Man Hoover (Imagine That) 1993 Helen Rosburg
2001 Chappy Chapman Barnegat Light (Gingerbread Man) 1992 W.L. Chapman
2000 Raymond Shively Krewzyn Over 1996 Carol Ann Hall
1999 Raymond Shively When and Where 1986 Delovely Farms Inc
1998 Danny Bugg Mighty Takeoff (Spill the Ink) 1991 Daniel Bugg
1997 Edwin Freedman Sounds Like Fun (Power Ranger) 1991 Edwin Freeman

Roadster News

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