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Is your horse done racing? Are you giving your horse away or selling him/her and do not want them raced or bred? Previously you may have sold them without papers, but there's a new way!

Convert their registration to Pleasure Registration before they leave your care and encourage the new owners to transfer the horse into their name to reduce your liability of being listed as an owner of a horse that you no longer have. Click here for the Pleasure Horse Conversion Application.

What is Pleasure Registration?

A current owner may convert their horse's registration to Pleasure in one of two ways:

  1. Racing – the horse will no longer be able to race
  2. Racing & Breeding – the horse will no longer be able to race and future offspring will not be eligible for registration with the USTA

Why would I want to convert my horse's registration to Pleasure?

Previously when a horse was given away or sold for non-racing purposes, the common practice was to hold onto the registration certificate so that the ownership could not be transferred, therefore the horse could not race or have progeny registered.

By converting your horse's registration to Pleasure, you are ensuring that your intentions for them not being bred and/or raced are honored. Horses with a Pleasure Registration can still be transferred to the new owner's name, which reduces your liability for having a horse listed in your ownership that you no longer have, as well as giving the new owners options for various showing disciplines where they might need the registration papers to prove breed registration.

Can a future owner reverse the Pleasure Horse conversion?

No, conversion to Pleasure Registration is final and irreversible.

Can I sell a Pleasure-registered horse?

Yes, you can give away or sell a Pleasure–registered horse and the ownership transfer can be completed as it normally would. A new Pleasure Registration certificate can be requested with the new owner's name(s) listed.

Can I convert a horse that I gave away or sold in the past to Pleasure Registration?

No, the horse must be in your care, custody or control and you must be the listed as the current registered owner.

Can I call the USTA to convert a horse to Pleasure Registration?

No, due to the finality of conversion, we require a signed form requesting conversion, along with the horse's current registration papers (unless they are electronic).

Does the USTA offer any other options to help protect my horse in the future?

Yes, the USTA also offers Full Circle, which connects two people with a shared concern for a horse. Click here for more information on the Full Circle program.