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2009 marked the start of recognizing Standardbreds for their accomplishments in carriage driving, with a hi-point Standardbred award presented at the Lorenzo Driving Competition.

In 2013, the USTA partnered with the American Driving Society (ADS) to recognize Standardbreds that participate in ADS recognized competitions.

The HDT/CDE USTA Award recognizes those that participate in at least two HDT or CDE shows in the December 1 – November 30 show year. To apply for the breed award, the participant must be an ADS member and this application form must be received at the USTA offices by December 15th. The team with the best average score receives a stipend to be used towards a clinic or further training with the trainer of their choice.

HDT/CDE USTA Award Winners

2016 Chuck McGrath & Muskiemar I
2013 Chuck McGrath & Muskiemar I

For more information about the American Driving Society, visit their website at

Lorenzo Hi-Point Standardbred Winners

2011 Leslie Carlson & OverJordan JonKash

2010 Leslie Carlson & OverJordan JonKash

2009 Kathleen Haak & Draken

For more information on the Lorenzo Driving Competition, visit their website.

This video shows inaugural winners Kathleen Haak & Draken at the Lorenzo Driving Competition.


Driving News

Visit for Driving News from the U.S. Trotting Association.

The Whip
by Joey Bruce
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